Grover-Hollingsworth provides a complete package of geologic and geotechnical services, including:

  • Pre-purchase geologic and geotechnical evaluations.
  • Subsurface geologic and geotechnical exploration, earth materials sampling, testing and analysis.
  • Record, literature and air photograph research.
  • Consultation with design professionals , including: architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, and planners.
  • Seismic Analysis.
  • Land Evaluation (caustic and repair).
  • Liquefaction analysis.
  • Fault Rupture exploration/analysis
  • Preparation of geologic and geotechnical reports for use by homeowners, government agencies, design professionals, building trades, legal counsel, and real estate professionals.
  • Consultation with building department officials.
  • Grading and building plan review.
  • Consultation with contractors.
  • Bid document review.
  • Geologic and geotechnical observations during construction.
  • Fill control and compaction testing.
  • City of Los Angeles Deputy Grading inspection.
  • Post-construction reports.
  • Expert consultation and testimony.

A complete City of Los Angeles-certified soils testing laboratory is maintained on the premises.

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